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This is Me

Like it or not

15 January 1989
Hey! My name's Laura, and I'm pretty much your typical nineteen-year-old girl. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Florida. I take learning really seriously, but I definitely have a fun side. I'm kind of quiet when you first meet me, but once I get to know you, I'm a total chatterbox. I'm really passionate about music. I play the piano, and I love to sing. I've also recently started dancing, and I love it. I'm really into making graphics, and I have Adobe Photoshop 7. I'm a total girly girl, so, naturally, I love doing my hair and makeup and going shopping. As long as you're respectful, kind, and open-minded, I am extremely easy to get along with, and I love meeting new people.
The Office. Heroes. Dawson's Creek. One Tree Hill. The OC. Veronica Mars. Gilmore Girls. The Hills. Instant Star. American Idol. So You Think You Can Dance. Alexz Johnson. Mary-Kate and Ashley. Hilary Duff. Mischa Barton. Maroon 5. Stacie Orrico. Pirates of the Caribbean. Harry Potter. The Wizard of Oz.
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I'm just your typical fangirl.
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I can't make my graphics without a little help.
My layout was made by me, lola_thatsme, and the coding was done by maybetomorrow.
My userinfo banner was made by __iiicons, and the coding was done by me, lola_thatsme.
This journal, lola_thatsme, is only used for communities and graphic contests. If you would like to friend me, please add my personal journal, luckydreamer15. When you do this, please go to my friends only post HERE, and comment telling me how you found me and that you've added me. I hope to talk to you soon! :D

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